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Советуем Вашему просмотру видео - My Top 30 Chili Recipes!All of the Recipes shown in this Book have been taken from a much larger book that I own the rights to... To view the full 600 + recipes online - go to: This book would definitely be a great addition to any kitchen library.Great recipes - so you'll never get bored with the "same old chili"Chuck Wagon Specials (Delicious & Nutritious)TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION: Listed in no particular orderRecipe #1: Chili Con Carne (ground beef)Recipe #2: Chili Con Carne Winchester (ground beef)Recipe #3: Creole Chili Con Carne (ground beef)Recipe #4: Puppy's Breath Chili (Tri-Tip Beef)Recipe #5: Beef Chili (lean beef steak)Recipe #6: Cashews & Black Bean - ChiliRecipe #7: Black Bean/Corn Chili and PolentaRecipe #8: Vegetarian ChiliRecipe #9: Chili Your Way (boneless chuck)Recipe #10: Chili - Using Five Kinds Of Peppers!Recipe #11: Beef Chili (chunky beef chuck)Recipe #12: Short & Sweet - Classic Chili (lean ground beef)Recipe #13: Chicken Chili (chicken breasts)Recipe #14: For the Great Outdoors - Cookout Chili (beef chuck)Recipe #15: Crawfish Chili (lean beef)Recipe #16: Cyclone Chili (beef chuck)Recipe #17: Dark Chicken Chili (chicken meat)Recipe #18: Venison Chili + (chuck, coarsely ground)Recipe #19: The Gates Of Hell -- Chili (boneless chuck)Recipe #20: Genuine Texas Chili (chuck roast + lean beef, ground)Recipe #21: Green Chili (pork stewing)Recipe #22: Speak Easy Chili (ground round)Recipe #23: Homestyle Chili (beef chuck roast)Recipe #24: Hotter 'n' Hell Green Chili (chicken or pork)Recipe #25: Chain Gang Chili - Beef / chicken & pork chops!Recipe #26: Spicy Texas Chili (beef)Recipe #27: Junkie Chili -- Southern (flank steak, pork roast)Recipe #28: Lamb & Artichoke Chili (boneless lamb shoulder)Recipe #29: Latigo Chili (beef brisket, venison & pork)Recipe #30: White Chili (chicken breast)SAMPLE RECIPE: Creole Chili Con Carne (ground beef)Ingredients* 3/4 lb of ground beef, lean* 2 Table spoons of salad oil* 1/2 cup of onions, minced* 1/4 cup of celery, diced* 1/2 cup of green bell pepper, chopped* 1 Table spoon of flour, all-purpose* 1 can of red beans with chili gravy (16oz)* 1 cup of water* 1/2 tea spoon of salt* 1/4 tea spoon of hot pepper sauce* 1 tea spoon of steak sauce* 1 packet of crackers* 1 cup of rice, cookedPreparation(1). Heat the oil in a large skillet; saute the onions, celery and bell pepper until golden.(2). Stir in the beef; and saute until the red color disappears.(3). Stir in the flour; add kidney beans, water, salt, pepper sauce and the steak sauce.(4). Simmer, stirring often, until you obtain the desired thickness.(5). Serve with crackers or rice.Yield: 6 ServingsCopyright © 2012 byKen Dunn - Dunway Enterprises For full details & further information on this book...PLEASE CLICK THE LINK SHOWN BELOW в любое время дня и ночи.

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